Types Of Machines Used For Dry Granulation

The development of powder fertilizer into pellets is known as granulation. Dry granulation can be a unique method that fails to involve the usage of liquids like water or alcohol. It will depend on using the physical force in the available machines to carry out the process. Through compression provided, materials will stick together then generate an output by using a unique appearance. There is no chemical reaction going on, unlike within the wet granulation process. The mechanism makes sure that the production is of the highest quality. Also, it's convenient during transportation and uses. Nevertheless, below are the two mainly used kinds of machines with this process.

Dry Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

Double roller granulator is basically the typical sort of equipment in dry granulation process. The appliance works around the principle of condensing then granulation of your dry materials. The production is intense to make sure a good output that may get utilized with no inconveniences. It features a mixing device that receives materials from the feeder. Feeding is uniform, thus an assurance of even mixing of your materials. 


Also, there exists a cleaning machine fitted to avoid the elements from sticking around the roller sheets. It cuts down on the likelihood of wastages. It comes with an use of regulating the granulating ratio, according to the demand that you could have. It can be further efficient mainly because it works promptly. There exists minimal wastage of resources regarding raw materials and energy. Purchasing the product offers the potential to yield results and profits. It could meet any production capacity also. Nonetheles, you may still utilize it in producing compound fertilizers.

Dry Flat Die Pelletizer

The dry flat die pelletizer is a different type of device used in dry granulation. It is actually a unique design taking care of the key of physical pressing to execute its functions. Dependant upon the variation that you simply accept, ensure it might regulate its strength to attain quality output. Its manufacturing is acceptable for the production of organic fertilizers. Nevertheless, it is possible to employ it in producing wood pellets or livestock feed. 


It is essential to be effective independently and produce results to meet any demand you can have. You may also blend it with other relevant machines...

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