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Truck Drivers - An Important Role in Day-Old Chick Transport

Truck Drivers -  An Important Role in Day-Old Chick Transport

Did you know that truck drivers have an important role in day-old chick transport? And, that they can help you to improve the transport performance of your hatchery? Good drivers take care of their truck and the live animals on board, which improves farm delivery performance.

Hatcheries aim to deliver good-quality day-old chicks in high numbers and good hygiene. Because hatcheries are not only responsible for the quality at the time of delivery, but also for possible losses in the first week, they need to pay close attention to the transport part as well. In our experience, chick transport still doesn’t get the attention it deserves in terms of specialized transport equipment and/or skilled day-old chick truck drivers. Using a well-trained truck driver is a potential to boost your farm delivery performance.

Let’s focus on the role of the day-old chick transport truck driver. The best drivers take care of the animals left in their charge, have a good understanding of their work and equipment, give feedback to the hatchery, and communicate well with the customers. Therefore, in our philosophy, a driver who gets professional training can be seen as a driver-operator. And, they can even rise to the higher level of an ambassador of the hatchery who helps to increase your customer satisfaction.

It can be difficult to find good drivers because working conditions for truck drivers can be tough. In the summer season, they often have to drive during the night because their equipment is unable to cope with hot conditions during the day. Being held...

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