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Triple EEE explained

Triple EEE explained

Triple EEE is a plug and play heat recovery system. The compact design includes a pump, plate heat exchanger and a control system that can be easily installed. The system helps you to regain stable heat using 1 kW of to recover  77 kW of energy to preheat  incoming air. In combination with a heat pump for reheating, costs are further reduced by more than 65%.

 Animal health benefits:

It is commonly accepted by vets that through providing an optimal climate, there are clear benefits:

  • Ability to provide more ventilation means the removal of harmful gases and therefore better lung health.
  • This also leads to the reduction if moisture and therefore less of germs carrying in the air and likelihood of disease.
  • An optimal or warmer environment, stimulates blood circulation...

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simon lague

simon lague

Business development manager Inno plus (Netherlands), Inno plus Agriculture consultant in the field of precision livestock farming, working with leading agritech companies. 'As an advocate for a future world of Digital animal farming, I continue to search new approaches, namely how to address the challenge that Information technology brings to farmers. My belief, we’ll see an evolution to a two tiered approach, where traditional farming meets centralized data analysis and farm optimization. I continue to evangelize this approach as a way, to not only drive more value from farm investment, but also resolve some of the broader challenges the supply chain faces. As we continue to intensify, we should try to do it in the most responsible way possible.

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