Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Aquatic Feed Plant

In the aquatic feed extrusion process, the feedstuff actually go through the condition of high temperature, high humidity and high pressure. When the feed pellets are discharged from the fish feed extruder machine, the pressure is dropped from high pressure to about 100kPa, and the moisture in the feedstuff immediately transforms from liquid to gas and distributes out of the feed. As a result, the feed materials expand and form the so-called extrusion feed.

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Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Aquatic Feed Plant

To choose the right aquafeed processing equipment, you must understand the characteristics of aquafeed firstly.

1. Small particle size: Due to the short digestive tract of aquatic animals and related physiological characteristics, in order to speed up digestion and absorption, aquafeeds should have a smaller particle size than livestock and poultry feeds, such as salmon and prawns, the feed size should be 80 ~120 mesh.

2. High protein content and low carbohydrate content: The protein content of livestock and poultry feed is generally less than 20%, while the protein content of aquatic animal feed is mostly 30-40%, and the protein content of turtle and catfish feed is as high as 65-70%.

3. High adhesion and water resistance: For some kind of fish feed, shrimp feed, the stability in water should be maintained for more than 2 hours. 

Aquaculture feed production is strictly prohibited for cross-contamination. Some raw materials need to be aseptic processed. When selecting extrusion feed processing equipment, make sure it has little residue and is easy to clean, especially when when producing shrimp and squid feed which is not allowed to simultaneously produce other kinds of feed to prevent cross-contamination.

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Aquatic Feed Processing Plant

The processing of aquatic feed is far more demanding than that of livestock and poultry feed processing, since aquatic animals such as fish and shrimps have small gastrointestinal tracts and poor digestion and absorption. This also why it is...

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