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The Principle Of Choosing Goldfish Feed

As a professional fish feed pellet machine manufacturer, the floating fish feed machine price is reasonable. This article will introduce the principle of choosing goldfish feed in detail.

Here are some principle of choosing goldfish feed as follow:

The Feed Pellets Smell Good

The good feed has a natural smell of fish and shrimp. The poor quality of the feed adds a lot of flour, smells a greasy spice, and has a salty feeling. As for the kind that smells sour or astringent, it is the worst.

Good feeds can keep in the water for a long time and will not scatter. The poor quality of the feed quickly becomes a paste, and even the water becomes the color of the feed, which is too bad! The feed kept in the water for 2-4 hours without interference. In fact, it is advisable to feed the goldfish in 3-15 minutes. Incidentally, the kind of fading pellet feed, don't buy it!


Not Greasy

Good feed into the water, the water is still clear, just like no feed. The poor quality of the feed itself is insufficient, in order to lure the goldfish to eat, use oil to enhance the fragrance. The kind of feed looks good on the surface, and when it comes to water, the surface of the water is a layer of the oil film. This kind of feed is too bad.

Not Swell When Exposed To Water

After a good feed is launched, after a while, the volume is almost the same as when it is dry. The poor quality of the feed, the water swelling is very powerful. Everyone knows that goldfish actually knows full, but there are still some goldfish that killed. In fact, they eat inferior feed. It is no problem to eat it. But the feed quickly swells in the goldfish belly, and finally, the fish is dead, or even if don't die, may also have indigestion or even enteritis.


Soft Of The Feed pellets

After the good feed is put into the water, although the shape is not drowning for a long time. Actually, gently press it with your fingertips will break, which means that it is easily decomposed and digested like a porridge, and is suitable for the delicate and fragile stomach of the goldfish. However, because of this, the goldfish's intestines are more prone to failure, and care must take. The poor quality feed is as hard as a stone, and it doesn't move with nails. The feed does not like to eat wild fish, let alone goldfish. If anything possible, you can make fish feed pellets by yourself. The fish feed extruder is important equipment to make feed pellets.


The Protein Content More Than 30%

In addition to the "wild vegetable" feed for goldfish, the goldfish feed as a staple food must have enough protein so that the fish can grow a beautiful body shape. If you want to raise the goldfish better, the protein content should exceed 40%. Even close to 50%. But pay attention to the fact that the true protein content is so much, not the virtual standard. However, the...

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