The Membrane Separation Market To Simulate On A Stupendous Note

Rising interest in water reuse and wastewater treatment has been the key demand driving aspect of the membrane separation market, which is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period of 2021-2031. With the market in North America and Europe expected to rise at CAGRs of 4% and 6%, respectively, the over market is expected to have a good demand outlook over the coming years. Mandatory government regulation and increasing demand for clean processed drinking water is propelling the water processing industry to provide the public with clean processed drinking water free of impurity. Providing growth opportunity for water treatment industry among which, membrane separation technology is one of the most popular methods used for cleaning water.

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Mandatory adherence of certain environmental standards by the national government such as the Clean Water Act especially in areas with water scarcity have influenced the demand for better water treatment technology, including membrane separation technology.

Shifting from chemical to physical treatments of water is also a major driver as chemical treatments are perceived as an environmentally unclean technology with associated disposal costs. Additional awareness of water scarcity has influenced the demand for water reuse in water stressed areas.

Governments and municipal authorities are increasingly waking up to the effects of environmental degradation on the economy. Worldwide industrial expansion and growing population are propelling the demand for better water treatment technology, providing growth opportunity for the global market of membrane separation technology.

Additionally, the oil and petroleum industry is well established in the gulf and European countries such as Italy and Germany which involve membrane separation technology for liquid separation. Expansion of such industry is expected to increase the overall demand for membrane separation technology.

Membrane separation technology is bifurcated into four major processes, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Microfiltration dominates the market with approximately 35% market share. Whereas, water & wastewater dominates the end-user market with more than 36% global market share.


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Water & wastewater sector is expected to be major end-user of membrane separation technology and is expected to increase at a steady CAGR during 2021-31. The membrane separation market is fragmented with several players in the market supplying membrane separation products to the...

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