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The Importance of Versatility when choosing your Industrial Mixer

The Importance of Versatility when choosing your Industrial Mixer

When making the choice of which industrial mixer to select for your business it is important to consider the range of batch sizes you will be producing. We presume that the answer will be quite an assortment.  If you need the flexibility to handle smaller batches, then a cone screw blender or tumble blender will be the most suitable as they can still operate efficiently with low fill levels. Ribbon blenders normally need to be filled to 40-50% of the rated capacity. Here we advise you on the best, most flexible blending solution to suit your manufacturing needs. 

Why is flexibility important?

Generally, space in a factory comes at a premium, there is never enough space and you certainly don’t want to waste it.   If you're blending to short order times you need to buy multiple industrial mixers to cover the range of batch sizes you produce, then these will all take up valuable room on the factory floor.  Depending on the product you are producing, the industrial mixer may need to be housed in a 'clean room', which is expensive to construct and maintain.  If you have multiple mixers then the costs of these 'clean rooms' spiral. 

Another consideration to make is the amount of time your equipment is running.  If you have a range of mixers, are they all working during a shift or are some of your assets sitting idle? For more information on cost saving, read our previous blog: 'How to Save Millions by Tweaking Your Industrial Mixer'.

A simple route to flexibility

Matcon IBC blender offers a huge amount of flexibility to the blending capabilities.  Firstly, the Matcon IBCs are available from 200L to 3,500L.  All of these can fit on the one blender as the double jacking clamping mechanism and spacer framework keep the IBC in the optimum position for blending.

Secondly, a single IBC can be loaded to a percentage of the rated capacity.  When this is added to the volume of the IBC the capabilities of the single blender become multiplied.

Space saving

Because the IBC becomes the blending vessel itself there is no product contact with the blender.  This means that changeovers...

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Joel Low

Joel Low

Regional Sales Manager, MATCON Limited

Matcon IBC Systems help customers innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Our Cone Valve technology means that no matter what you might want to manufacture in the future, you will have the ability to handle the ingredients and recipes effectively – a future-proof solution! We work in partnership with you to create the right system design to fulfill your business needs.

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