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It is well known that LEDs are more efficient than conventional technologies such as incandescent or flourescent lights. What is not always so clear is that LED’s in themselves vary greatly in terms of lumen output. When LED globes became commercially available a few years ago, Lumen output was generally between 80 and 100 Lumen per watt. Rapid advancements in LED lighting have led to LED chip producers now pushing the 200 Lumen per watt boundaries and beyond. Although available, these chip-sets are not yet commercially viable due to supply and price constraints.

The commercial poultry farmer needs to cut operating costs wherever possible to remain competitive and reducing electricity usage is a large part of this. It is important to make sure that you purchase the most efficient equipment available. Check the Lumen output of the lighting product you are considering and compare the Lux levels achieved on simulations using the same parameters.

Lumen is the light emitted at the source and Lux is the measurement of that light at a certain distance. A high lumen output light with a 180 degree beam angle would potentially produce less lux on the ground than a light with a lower lumen output but with a narrower beam angle. It is therefore critical to get the highest possible lumen output available at a beam angle that creates a uniform spread of light while not wasting light again unwanted surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

If you are planning to dim your lights then ensure that the system you purchase will not be impacted by compatibility issues down the line. With 110/230V systems, the LED bulbs/tubes have integrated drivers built into them to convert the incoming AC voltage to the voltage required by the LED chip (usually DC). In a house of 100 lights that were all purchased at the same time, it is possible to dim them pretty well. However, replace a bulb or tube a few months later and the chances are good that one of the components in the new light has changed and is now...

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Philip Malherbe

Philip Malherbe

Managing Director, Sunbird Lighting (Pty) Ltd

The benchmark in poultry lighting since 2009. Our tried-and-tested, world renowned product is trusted by leading global poultry producers. Our reputation for superior bird performance, unparalleled reliability and market leading efficiency is one we’re continuously aspiring to maintain, and improve. We believe in the philosophy of keeping things simple and sticking to a tried-and-tested recipe that we know works well. Our product is purpose built at our factory in South Africa using vital research and development conducted by our team to deliver a durable, efficient lighting solution for our customers. Our Number 1 priority is to ensure that when you hit the switch, the lights come on. That’s why our dedicated technicians and parts departments are able to provide immediate technical support in six languages from our very own factory where the entire SUNBIRD® system is manufactured.

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