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This stainless steel floating fish feed machine can produce floated aquatic feed, pet food pellets, it can eliminate the raw material containing most of the toxins and anti-nutritional factors of anti-trypsin. Which is conducive to animal digestion and absorption, improve the digestion and utilization of nutrients.

floating fish feed production line

Structure Of Stainless Steel Fish Feed Machine

1. Feeder: it is to ensure the uniform and stable feeding, and adjust the feeding quantity according to the rated current value of the extrusion motor. Generally it uses electromagnetic speed motor or frequency converter to control speed and change material feeding quantity. The outlet of the feeding hopper is usually fed by the spiral dragline to the extruded section.

2. Extruding chamber: it consists of a screw, a barrel, a template, a clamp and so on. The screw and barrel are piecewise combined, so the degree of compression can be adjusted in accordance with the type and requirements of extruded feed, in order to change the expansion of the extruded feed.

3. The expansion mechanism is divided into 3 segments according to its function and position:

Feeding section: in this section the screw pitch is large, so it mainly transports and compresses materials, so that the spiral groove is filled with feed material.

Compression section: the slot of screw shallows along the material pushing direction and compresses the material.

Extrusion section: screw groove is more shallow, pitch gradually turns smaller, and the extrusion pressure reaches up to 3.0-10Mpa, the temperature can reach 120-150℃. 

fish feed extruder machine

Advantages Of This Floating Fish Feed Machine

1. International advanced pelletizing structure, the use of soft knife fit form, to achieve stepless speed, can be cut into the desired length of the product, not easy to produce burrs.

2. The floating fish feed pellet extruder machine has been designed with novel, unique, simple structure, easy to install easy to dismantle unloading, easy to operate.

3. Screws sets and screws are made of special wear-resistant high temperature alloy steel material, heat treatment molding, with wear and long life advantages.

4. The floating fish feed machine is equipped with a unique...

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