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The Application of Sludge Dryer in Municipal Sludge Treatment

Sludge dryer is also called a sludge drying machine, mainly for high water content and low heat value of materials, which is mechanical equipment that dries and dehydrates them. With the continuous development of urbanization, human beings pay more and more attention to the environmental problems of the city (the sharp increase of municipal sludge). So how to deal with these urban sludge? The application of the sludge dryer plays an important role in urban environmental protection. The details of the relevant equipment of the sludge dryer are as follows:

1. How to realize the rapid treatment of municipal sludge in the sludge dryer?

The sludge dryer is mainly composed of four areas: guide area, cleaning area, inclined lifting plate area, and discharge area. In operation, the sludge enters the sludge dryer guide plate through a feeder, and the sludge is carried to the center position of the cylinder body along with the operation of the barrel body. At this time, the sludge is gradually sprayed to form a material curtain, the high-temperature gas flow passes through, the sludge is preheated and evaporated, and when the sludge is scattered or transferred to the movable sludge dryer wing plate, The treated sludge material is then clamped together again with the preheated wing plates, so that the excess heat on the preheating plate can be transferred to the sludge material, so that part of the water in the material is further evaporated, and the drying process is finished.

2. Analysis of Investment potential of sludge Dryer

1. The accumulation of municipal sludge not only has certain harm to the ecological environment but also has a certain impact on the production and life of urban residents, so it is urgent to deal with municipal sludge.

2. The dried sludge can be used as fuel, agriculture, incineration, reduce landfill...

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