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The animals use the intramammary syringes to treat diary cattle's mastitis

The mastitis is a most common disease in diary cattles,This disease can be identified by abnormalities in the udder such as swelling, heat, redness, hardness, or pain (if it is clinical). Other indications of mastitis may be abnormalities in milk such as a watery appearance, flakes, or clots. When infected with sub-clinical mastitis, a cow does not show any visible signs of infection or abnormalities in milk or on the udder.

When you find your diary cattles infect this disease,you need a veterinary treat your diary cattles.

How did the veterinary treat this disease?

The veterinary will injection long-acting antibiotics to the intramammary of your dairy cattle with professional intramammary syringe,why did veterinary use the intramammary syringe,because the dairy cattle's intramammary is easily harmed,you need protect;and the professional intramammary syringe has soft needle,so this syringe is better for dairy cattle than other syringe.The long-acting antibiotics can be forced upwards into the teat through the teat canal (intramammary infusion).

In the treatment,Cows...

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