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Global Ultra-Pure Sulphuric Acid Market:  Introduction

The global ultra-pure sulphuric acid market has been elevated with the rising applications in the field of electronic devices manufacturing industries and most significantly to manufacture semi-conductors across the globe. Ultra-pure sulphuric acid is generally traded in concentration of 95% to 98% with less than 100ppt (Parts Per Trillion) by chemicals firm suppliers and distributor. Ultra-pure sulphuric acid is used in its purest form i.e. crystal clear which is also known as electronic grade sulphuric acid.

Ultra-pure sulphuric acid has been used for applications in electronic industry in order to manufacture printed circuit boards. Thus increasing growth in the technology leads to increasing demand for ultra-pure sulphuric acid in bulk production of silicon wafers to manufacture integrated circuits and microchips to a great extent. Such chemical reagent for micro-electronic with the ongoing rapid development in electronic sector anticipates substantial growth over the forecast period. It is observed that the consumption in semiconductor industry is approximately one-third of the total ultra-pure sulphuric acid produced annually thus offers significant opportunities for the manufacturers over the forecast period.

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Global Ultra-Pure Sulphuric Acid Market: Dynamics

Although electronic industry has witnessed significant advancements in the past decade, use of ultra-pure sulphuric acid is substantial which helps in achieving significant yield in the removal of carbon deposits and inorganic residues on the silicon wafer while etching and cleaning electronic products. Thus, one big benefit and driver to ultra-pure sulphuric acid market is in meeting Level12 of chemical material, SEMI C12 standard articulated by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Internationals.

However, lack of technological expertise in the production of ultra-pure sulphuric acid is the major obstruct for the market growth in terms of volume and eventually monetary gain. The direct distillation of raw material i.e. industrial sulphuric acid at its boiling point in order to remove impurities causes the problems of generation of acid mist resulting to pollution and its controlling measures along with the high energy consumption and high cost of operation. Therefore new manufacturing methods are required to overcome the pertaining complications and aiding to boost the ultra-pure sulphuric acid market over the forecast period.

Global Ultra-Pure Sulphuric Acid Market: Segmentation

Ultra-pure sulphuric acid market can be segmented on the basis of the application:

  • Semiconductors
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Printed circuit boards 

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Global Ultra-Pure Sulphuric Acid Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographic division, ultra-pure sulphuric acid market is expected to dominate in the Asia-Pacific region over the forecast period. This region is expected to be promising in ultra-pure sulphuric acid market due to high investment in new...

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