Smart Cattle

Smart Cattle

Smart Cattle is a suite of technologies for boosting the quality and quantity of production in dairy farms. Its modular design allows for seamless upgrade as the farm requirements evolve.

Animal Positioning: Locating specific animals in large farms could be a labor intensive and tedious work. It is also prone to human error. Using Smart Cattle, the farmer can locate each animal on a mobile device instantaneously. Smart Cattle also makes animal stock-taking as easy as a few clicks.

Heat Detection: Timely insemination of dairy cows plays an important role in financial effectiveness of the farms. Experienced farm personnel may carry out visual or different forms of manual heat detection, which is of course prone to error. Smart Cattle analyzes the behavior of the animal using smart eartags or collars for heat detection and notifies the farmer of the suitable insemination time.

Online monitoring of animal feed and health: Smart Cattle records and analyzes the animal behavior and feed intake to detect potential health issues early on. This in turn improves...

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