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Shalimar Group perseveres with Petersime in its quest to augment protein nutrition in India

Shalimar Group perseveres with Petersime in its quest to augment protein nutrition in India

Shalimar Group Of Companies, a pioneer in the Poultry Industry from the state of West Bengal in India, commenced its foray into poultry in 1968 as a feed manufacturing company. Over the years, the Group has gone from strength to strength integrating into all facets of the poultry industry. 

Mr. Sameer Agarwal, Managing Director

Mr. Sameer Agarwal, Managing Director is the leader of the Shalimar Group, since 1994. He states, ” I embraced the Industry from the very first day that I joined. Shalimar, the Feed Business, transitioned and evolved into an integrated Poultry Group encompassing Breeding, Hatching, Contract Broiler Farming, Broiler Meat Processing, Branding and Retailing. Shalimar’s current financial turnover is over USD 500 million per annum.  We have very recently diversified into Aqua Feed manufacturing, in a joint venture with, Japan’s leading Aqua feed manufacturer. Over the years, I have witnessed and been a part of the diversity, strives, challenges, variations and progress in the industry and feel a sense of pride today that I am contributing to the health and nutrition of the society through my work and corporate social responsibilities “

The state-of-the-art Shalimar hatchery, with an annual capacity of over 28 million, at Abujhati, West Bengal was established in 2011 with Petersime’s Bio Streamer Incubators. Achieving the most precise replication of the incubation and hatching functions of the “mother hen” was a remarkable triumph for the Shalimar Group. The superior quality of the day-old-chicks accelerated the growth and dominance of the group. It now has satellite hatcheries spread across India. A year ago, in 2016, the hatching capacity augmented by adding 14 million more day-old-chicks per annum. The group is poised to be the first fully...

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