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Ring Die Pellet Machine

Ring Die Pellet Machine

Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine Introduction:
The ring die feed pellet machine adopts mature technology to produce high-quality animal feed pellets for chickens, cows, horses and ducks on a large scale. Based on its outstanding characteristics of high output, low consumption and mature technology, ring die feed pellet machine has become more and more popular, and has a broad market share in the industry. It is an ideal equipment for raising livestock and poultry such as feed mills, livestock ranches, poultry farms, individual farmers and feed processing industries.

Main structure of industrial ring die feed ball mill:
The ring die feed pellet machine is mainly composed of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, adjusting device, pressure chamber transmission system, overload protection and electronic control system.

Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine Advantages:
1. Widely used equipment with mature technology.
2. Driven by high-precision gear drive system, ensuring high productivity (about 20% higher than belt drive) and low energy consumption.
3. Imported SKF bearing and NAK oil seal are adopted for better transmission performance, stable operation and low...

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