Ring Die Industrial Feed Pellet Mill On Sale

Industrial feed pellet mill has a wide cylindrical shape die and is mounted vertically. This big industrial feed pellet mill consists of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, conditioner device, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electric control system. This ring die type industrial pellet mill is widely adopted in most large scale feed pellet production, like commercial feed production plant, big poultry farm, commerical feed production factory etc. What is more this industrial pellet making machine is equipped with conditioner which can produce feed pellets with smooth surface and high palatability.

ring die feed pellet mill machine

Industrial Feed Pellet Mill Applications

This industrial feed pellet machine can be used for pelletizing corn stalk, bean stalk, flower sapling, sweet potato wine, clover grass, rape straw, etc. into the fodders for cattle, pig, cow, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish, etc. This ring die feed machine is the preferred equipment for making fodder in the large-middle feed factories and every livestock farm. This ring die industrial feed pellet mill can pelletize various kinds of materials for livestock feed, aquatic feed, pet food, grass powder and so on. 

poultry feed pellets for farming

Advantages Of Industrial Feed Pellet Machine

1. Double-motor drive. The high strength SPB narrow V-belt drive transmit stably and reliably with low noise.

2. The industrial pellet feed machine is configured with many kinds of ring dies with different aperture diameters in a range of 1.5mm to 12 mm and compression ratio for different requires of different clients.

3. The ring die industrial feed machine with quick-release coupling can reduce the time of replacing the ring die to improve the production efficiency.

4. The modulator with major diameter is equipped for ripping the material fully to make the material smoother and make the pellet hardness more proper. The briquetting ratio can reach 98%. Also the abrasion to the machine can reduce to the lowest.

5. Feeder spindle, screw, sleeve, paddle are 304 stainless steel.

6. Feeding motor we choose international standard motor, the quality should be slightly...

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