Real Chelates are the best answer to animal diseases and environmental problems

Among the main issues in farming, the environmental impact and the animal health are surely the more actual and discussed ones. Every worker in the farming world has to manage this matter every day and it’s not too easy to find the best ways to do it. One thing for sure, animal health and a lower environmental impact can’t be imagined without focusing on the effectiveness of animal nutrition. This is where Real Chelates come into play.

Real Chelates are the best way to supply minerals to the animal alimentation. They’re a new and higher standard in the field of organically bound trace minerals like iron, copper, manganese and zinc thanks to precious ligands that they use in their chemical bonds like Methionine or Glycine.

But how Real Chelates actually affect animal health and environmental impact, and how?

Everything revolves around the incredibly high bioavailability of chelated organic trace minerals. The percentage of wasted minerals is the lowest ever, technically speaking almost every part of the additive (90 – 95%) is absorbed in the first tract of the animal gut. To...

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Sonia Braga

Sonia Braga

General Manager, Società San Marco srl

Società San Marco/Italy is one of the first organic trace mineral producers all over the world. Our "full ring" real chelate technology grants unique chemical structure for more stable and more bio-available mineral solutions for animal wellbeing. Società San Marco produces both MHA methionates and glycinates, both powder and liquid form, blends and synergistic feed additives including chelates and phytogenic extracts. We will be pleased to welcome you in our booth !!

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