Railway Management System Market to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2020-2027

Market Overview

Market Research Future (MRFR), in its recently released research report, claims that the global railway management system market 2020 is booming and projected to expand rapidly over the review period, achieving a significant business value and a reasonable CAGR of 11.02% over the forecast period. 

Drivers and Restraints

The increase in population growth, hyper-urbanization, the growing adoption of IoT as well as automation technologies to boost productivity and the evolving trend of smart cities are expected to be the key factors driving the growth of the demand for railway management systems. Remote diagnostics, passenger details, and asset planning are expected to drive the demand for advanced asset and fleet management tools across the rail industry. Increasing involvement of private companies in government-run rail markets, problems of road congestion due to rapid urbanisation, and surging demand for multimodal transport and low-fares are expected to positively impact the railway management system industry over the next few years. High adoption of advanced technology, traffic management, asset management, data processing, control settings and enhanced monitoring systems are the major factors driving market development. Due to the substantial increase in passenger traffic and freight traffic around the globe, the global railway traffic management system market is projected to see significant growth during the forecast period. The railway management framework reflects a major upward trend in business intelligence and analytics, as technology is highly regarded and used internationally. Nonetheless, high costs associated with the company's introduction of this program hampers global business growth.

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Segmental Analysis

Based on the Solution, the market has been segmented into rail operations management systems, rail asset management systems, rail traffic management systems,rail control systems, rail maintenance management systems, rail security, rail communication and networking systems, passenger information systems, rail analytics, and freight information systems.  It is expected the rail traffic management systems will have the largest market share in the solution category. Rail traffic management systems allow the entire rail network to be centrally managed and traffic controlled; the entire rail operations can be operated by a central control system. This central administration program uses real-time data to manage traffic over high-speed communication connections through trains and rail infrastructures. Train traffic management includes timetables for the signalling, traffic control, routing and train schedules.

By Service, the market has been divided into consulting, system integration and deployment and support and maintenance. The network development and delivery segment is expected to have the highest market share under the Services group. System development and delivery services help to recognise the need for adaptation or timely improvements to make smart railway applications compliant with existing infrastructure. These services help to reduce the delivery time, save costs, allow productive work and mitigate disruptions associated with delivery.

Regional Analysis

The geographical overview of the global market has been...

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