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Race Horse Syringe with Dosage

Race horse syringe is popular in the equine farm, due to the nutrition are needed for race horse. The veterinary syringe is made of PP and PE plastic material, Xinfuda Syringe sizes including 8ml, 10ml, 13ml, 20ml, 30ml, 60ml total six sizes.


dispoasable syringe and dial a dose syringe

 There are some more advantages in Xinfuda Syringe. Syringe gets general recognition of the western countries and applications, because of drug safety, easy to use, liquid medicine utilization rate higher. However our country is still in developing. In order to develop the clients, Race horse syringe can be sterilized for customer. You can use the ready to use syringe to filling.


race horse syringe with dosage

There are common plunger and plunger with dosage in race horse syringe. Race horse syringe with dosage is larger volume with 30ml and 60ml. Equine paste syringe with common plunger with disposable volume.


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