Profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria

It is well known that fish is the most widely consumed species in Nigeria today. Animal scientists, economists and policy makers are of the opinion that the development of the livestock industry and most especially the fishery sub-sector is the only option for bridging the generally known protein deficiency gap in Nigerian’s diets.Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, involves the planned growth and cultivation of fish harvesting as food, as opposed to catching fish in the wild. It provides lucrative returns to the farmers, employment in rural areas, besides supplying good quality protein diet for the people


Catfish will be a good choice for fish farmer ,it’s popular in Nigeria for following reason.

1. Broad market

As mentioned above, catfish is a popular source of protein in Nigeria. Not only in Nigeria, but many other countries are familiar with this type of fish as an alternative source of protein. It’s relatively inexpensive, delicious, and easy to cook. Even simple frying leads to a delicious taste. As a result, catfish have a fairly wide market acceptance, which will make the business profitable for fish farmers.

2. The harvest is fast

This business is for you who don’t want to wait too long without seeing results. Catfish grow quickly, especially if you feed them the right amount of food and nutrients. When they are healthy and stress-free, they can be harvested within three months. There is a legitimate reason you should try to jump into the business. It doesn’t take long to see the results, and you can learn everything you need to know about catfish farming in a very short time.

3. Easy to breed

Catfish are easy to raise and breed. They adapt easily to the environment, whether it is a cement pool, a floor pool or a tarp pool. These fish are also easy to take care of and do not require special care. As long as you feed them properly, provide them with good feed and vitamins, and provide them with a good flow of water, they should thrive easily.

4. Strong constitution and strong resistance to disease

Some fish get sick and die easily, but catfish are different. This fish is more resistant to disease, so it’s easier to take care of. They are also physically strong and do not die easily. They can thrive in clean water and still live in dirty water. However, if you want the best results, you still need to keep them alive.

5. Huge profits

Another reason to start a business is because its catfish farming is profitable. Fish fry are cheap and easy to find. They also do not require high maintenance costs and have a low mortality rate. In addition, you can start harvesting them within 3 months, which means you will receive your capital and profits in a short time.


The cost to begin catfish farming

1.Pond Rentage: There is a cost attached to whichever system you would like to use to raise your catfishes. Whether you own it outright or lease it, you must prepare your cost analysis with an acceptable rent value.

2.Pond Preparation: This involves clearing of bushes, de-mudding, liming and other corrections that must be done on the pond e.g. piping, construction of erosion channels, etc. You can read more in my article on pond preparation.

3.Netting: Setting of nets to prevent predator attack...

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