Prepare yourself fit for post-corona world

Now a days all people of the world passing their most of the time for updating corona latest news. It is common for common people. But, it is also time to update yourself with your professional skills, depth of knowledge, new ideas, assessment about the future, present & future socio-economic structure, activities of world leaders, activites of UN or associated organisations, future business models and many other issues.

If we are always busy with the corona updates very soon we will find number of patients with psychological disorder. We must update ourselves about this epidemic situation but that is once in a day is good enough. If all...

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Kazi Ekhlasul Haque

Kazi Ekhlasul Haque

Vice President of Sales

Project management and consultation in feedmill, hatchery, breeder farming, commercial farming and meat processing. We can help you from your planning to operation management activities. Consultation on investment and technical support.

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