Power Plant Control System Market Emerging Trends and Value Chain Analysis 2021-2025

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The rapid uptake and development of the power plant control system is ever more a crucial component. Market Research Future predicts the potentiality of the global power plant control system market 2020. It can achieve a valuation of USD 7.15 billion endpoints by the year 2025. This valuation will garner at a growth rate of ~5.75% in the forecast years (2019 to 2025).

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Top Impacting Factors

In the present time, power plants are highly automated around the world. Most of the thermal power plants and systems are now easily controlled from a control room. Systems that can be controlled from the central control room are electrical auxiliaries for unit transformers, grid connection, generator/unit protection, excitation, auxiliary transformers, synchronization, and switchgear. Conventionally, these electrical devices were hardwired to inputs/outputs and data controlled systems (DCS). Therefore, the rise in demand for electricity across the world, mainly in emerging nations, is noted to fuel the market of Power Plant Control Systems. These systems aid with improving the operational efficiency of power plants, which is also likely augmenting the power plant control systems.

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On the same scale, high awareness of environmental issues and a rise in global warming are slowly leading to higher efficiency requirements in power plants. The study also signifies that the power plant control systems market also has an autonomous distributed configuration that connects devices installed to the entire plant through a network. This is done to enable data monitoring, and management Limitations in electricity generation, transmission, and distribution are liable to drive the power plant control systems market.

In fact, the installation of control systems in power plants has also led to improved efficiency of the plant. Hence, power plant control systems have been broadly adopted in the end-use industry, which also gave a boost to the market in recent years and made most of the valuation. This is in the future could lead the market to a great extend, mainly in the forecast period.

Furthermore, automation in power generation technology has also enabled the intelligent operation of power plants, which has similarly likely to enhance the power control systems market. Power plant control systems have aid independent power producers with inconsistent power generation while nourishing a profitable operation. Moreover, other factors such as government initiatives toward industrial automation, improvement, and evolution in technologies, rise in demand for power generation, as well as expansion in the power sector across the world are also highly anticipated to fuel the power plant control systems market for the forecast period.

Segmentation of Market: Power Plant Control System

The market of power plant control system has further been studied over the segments of components, solution, application, plant type.

  • Based on the solution segment, the global market has included Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Distributed Control System (DCS), and Plant Asset Management (PAM). Among these, the Distributed Control System (DCS) segment can hold a more significant share during the estimated period owing to the rising number of DCS power plants. The rising capacity of coal-based thermal power plants in the region of Asia-Pacific, large hydropower plant control systems in South America, and the global capacity of nuclear power plants are also driving a nuclear-based power plant control system.
  • Based on the component segment, the global market has included software, hardware, and services. Where the software segment is might expand at the highest CAGR during the assessment period.
  • Based on the application segment, the global power plant control system market has included turbine & auxiliaries control, boiler & auxiliary control, generator excitation & electrical control, and more. The generator excitation & electrical control segment is approximate to be the fastest-growing segment for power plant control systems.

Regional Outlook

The global power plant control system market is driven by high market share in the...

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