PLASTIC HOPPER FEEDER with metal central rod

The feed saving feeder


ARCUS is the ideal for those who use the hopper feeders as a tool to feed their animals, as it allows to do it without waste and with the typical simplicity of all the River Systems® products. 

The metal rod allows several regulation levels of the feed in the tray. The regulation is allowed by a split pin that fixes the plastic cylinder at three different heights. 

The anti-waste fins (whose design is registered) have been expressly designed to allow the animals to eat in a correct way, while preventing them from using their beak to spill the feed from the tray. Feed saving will be the immediate result, as well as a cleaner litter. Unwanted animals will not find feed on the ground anymore. 


  • Tray, cylinder and lid in long-lasting, high quality plastic 
  • They allow to adjust the feed quantity in the tray 
  • Designed expressly to optimise the volumes when cylinders and trays are piled (storage and shipment) 
  • They can be lifted from the...

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