Pet food bag

Packaging for Pet Food

Donser understands the needs of packaging pet food and treats. We offer stock and custom printed laminated packaging for dry pet food, nutritional supplements and pet treats.

Our stock line carries pet food packaging ranging from 2 oz - 40 lbs, and ship from our warehouse within 24-48 hours of order placement. In addition, we produce hundreds of custom pet food packaging projects a year. We have several custom print service and offer...

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Benson Hu

Benson Hu


Zhejiang Donser Holding Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive printing and printing enterprise focused on feed packaging industry, provides integrate packaging solutions for customers . Donser holding was established in 2000 is one of the earlyest packaging manufacturers laminating PP woven bags in China. After 19 years of technology research & development accumulation, Donser had formed a variety of business models and built a resource sharing platform gradually developed into a comprehensive packaging enterprise integrating with technology research & development, manufacturing, sales and trade platform services company.

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