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peanut sheller for sale,automatic and manual peanut shelling machine

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Peanut sheller is designed to shell raw, sun-dried groundnuts, split the hard shell and peanut kernels via the especial structure which is built by shelling grates and concaves . It has advantage of high efficiency, easy operation, minimum split ratio and low maintenance, etc.

Working principle and structure of peanut sheller machine

The peanut sheller machine is designed with two shelling drums groundnuts are feed to the first drum, under the beaten of shelling grates and concaves, the shells and kernels are separated, then first shelled nuts flow to the vibrating sifter for separation, light shells are blown by air blower,heavier peanut kernels go to outlet, at the same time, under the function of vibrating gravity sifter, few unshelled peanuts will flow into the second outlet and feed into 2nd drum for same shelling process.
The peanut shelling machine is equipped with pneumatic conveyor that transfers the groundnuts without injured. In addition, the dust collector can be added in order to keep the working environment clean.

advantage of peanut sheller

1.this peanut sheller machine can realize peanut shelling, air delivery and separation, and it is useful whatever for...

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Catherine Liu

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