Packaging and Storage of Poultry Feed

Packaging and Storage of Poultry Feed

Animal feed is generally in pellet form, and it is recommended to use a fully automatic granule packaging machine for packaging. If you are storing it for a long time, it can also be vacuum-packed.

It depends on the moisture content of the feed itself. Some feeds have high moisture content or poor storage conditions, which may quickly moldy.
Look at the feed ingredients and storage conditions (temperature, vacuum storage, etc.) if the temperature is very low, the time will be longer.
1. Effective control of storage moisture The moisture in the storage of pig compound feed is generally required to be controlled below 12%. If the moisture is controlled below 10%, it can better inhibit the growth of microorganisms and increase the storage time. The moisture content of the compound feed is greater than 12% or the humidity in the air is high. The compound feed must be kept dry during storage. The package must be double-layered, with an airtight plastic bag inside and a textile bag outside. Note that the storage environment, especially the warehouse, should always be ventilated and dry.
2. Effective control of storage temperature When the storage temperature of pig compound feed is lower than 10 ℃, the mold will grow slowly; when it is higher than 30 ℃, the mold will grow rapidly, which will quickly deteriorate the feed quality. Unsaturated fatty acids in the feed are also prone to oxidative deterioration under high temperature and high humidity. Therefore, compound feed should be stored in a low temperature and ventilated place. The warehouse should have the heat-proof performance to prevent the penetration of sunlight radiation heat. The roof of the warehouse should be insulated and the walls should be painted white to reduce heat absorption. Trees can be planted around the warehouse for shade to improve the external environment, adjust the...

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