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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The organic fertilizer granulator can be produced by using thefertilizer manufacturing process.The production of the organic fertilizer granulator is a little complex compared with other fertilizer production line.So there we share more with you about the organic fertilizer production from the view of the fertilizer machine manufacturers.

Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to choose the suitable raw material that we can use.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can use the cow manure,pig manure and other animal manure,besides the livestock manure,we also can use the straw,lifewaste and so on.But no what type raw material,we need to ferment the raw material and then using the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the hard and big raw material into powder.Producing the organic fertilizer is not only need to use these single raw material,we also need to add some other organic material.Mixing them together using the fertilizer mixer machine.Finishing these step,we just to make the granulator using thefertilizer granulator machine,which different type fertilizer granulator machines are designed for different type fertilizer granulator.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator and the flat die granulator machine is also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.


What's more,the rotary drum granulator machine is always equipped in thenpk fertilizer production line to make the compound fertilizer granulator,in fact,the...

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