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Options for flooring

MIK INTERNATIONAL is the world-wide specialist for high quality plastic flooring and heating systems for use in pig husbandry.


For farrowing pens the MIK Swing flooring system is used, either as fully plastic option or combined with MIK cast panels. The MIK flooring offers best footgrip as well as highest comfort and hygienic surfaces.

In the weaning accommodations MIK Chess with its unique surface design gives best step safety and cleanliness.



In the pig finishing the trend towards “wean to finish” is becoming firmly established.

MIK INTERNATIONAL has developed a special panel for this new system.

The wean to finish panel Trapper XL in size 800 x 600 mm can be used in the weaner accommodation as well as all the way through to heavy bacon (200kgs) weight pigs.





Due to the big span of the MIK panels Swing Titan, Chess XL and Trapper XL, the number of support beams is reduced by up to...

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