NIPPLE DRINKER side mounted and screw fastening

The innovative drinker


The nipple drinker Stilla can be screw-mounted on a variety of recipients to supply your poultry always clean water. Its shape and threaded support allow to mount it easily and quickly without using any tool: just make on the bottom of the recipient wall as many holes as the Stilla drinkers you want to install, then fasten them. Its sturdy design and the first quality materials assure a long life with little maintenance. The small cup at the bottom recuperates any droplet. The drinker, working at 360°, is operated by a spring that along with an O-ring assures its tightness: the bird gets the water out of the recipient by pushing or moving the stainless steel pin. Its bright yellow colouring allows animals to locate it easily while its distinctive shape allows them to drink in a simple and ergonomic way. Stilla is recommended...

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