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Natural solution to manage coccidiosis

Natural solution to manage coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is one of the most common issues in poultry and it also affects young ruminants. This disease is caused by some protozoa of the Eimeria genus. They multiply in the intestinal epithelium cells, damaging the gut. These lesions reduce nutrients absorption and can cause growth delay, diarrhea, and in some severe cases, death. Sub-acute coccidiosis often goes unnoticed but impacts the growth of young animals. This growth deficiency cannot be compensated for in later phases of the animal development which impacts the zootechnical and economical results.

OILIS is Wisium natural solution based on herbal extracts to handle coccidiosis. OILIS has been designed in our research facilities, screening natural compounds to find the most efficient combination to preserve gut integrity during challenging periods. OILIS...

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