Moisture damage prevention

Each year around 1,7 billion metric tons of goods are shipped around the world and a worth of $500 billion goods are damaged every year before reaching their end-destination, 10% of these are due to moisture damages. 

Do you know those containers could be protected from moisture damage with as little as 60 USD?

At Absortech, we know. We have been committed to be a world leader within moisture protection technology since 1996. Absortech were the first to use 100% calcium chloride desiccants with superior absorption capacity that outperforms other traditional technologies, as clay or silica gel. Calcium Chloride is an inorganic component, safe to use and non-toxic with a high-performance behavior, absorbing up to 250% on field conditions. This rate makes calcium chloride a very cost-effective desiccant but also an ultimate solution to remove moisture from air.

Peace of Moisture Mind®: increase profit, protect your brand, save Mother Earth

Our offer is not limited to protect the containers with a complete range of desiccants. We know is crucial avoid moisture within the containers, but also it’s important to ensure that not excess moisture is added during the sourcing, manufacturing and packaging processes. It is not just about providing the best product but even more importantly to provide the right solution for protecting goods from moisture damages - which we call Peace of Moisture Mind®.

Peace of Moisture Mind® is our step-by-step process, split into 5 stages, that brings protection to all steps in product chain happening before and after shipping. From finding the root of the problem (Audit), dimension the needs of costumers or performing tests in real conditions (Dimension and Validate), until being able to deliver products worldwide (Implement)and offering an extensive educational package to their customers (Develop) among other services and solutions.

AbsorRange:  desiccants for every moisture protection...

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