Meat dicing machine for poultry

A commercial meat dicing machine is a machine specially used for dicing meat. It is widely used for cutting various poultry diced meat. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel materials. The cut size of diced meat is uniform, and the cut size can be customized according to requirements. Its cutting size range is 4-30mm. This machine can cut frozen meat with a degree of -3 to 4 degrees into cubes at one time.


Main features of commercial meat dicing machine

1. The dicing machine can process all kinds of semi-thawed meat, fresh meat, fatty meat, vegetables, and fruits, and has the functions of dicing, shredding, cutting, and slicing. To

2. Adjust the cutting thickness knob to change the speed of the meat push rod to achieve different cutting thickness requirements.

2. Adjust the pre-pressure knob, Chongqing dicing machine, to ensure that the...

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