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Managing pig competitiveness using spices

Managing pig competitiveness using spices

Reducing feed costs is one of the pillars of livestock profitability. Créa® Advance, a feed additive for fattening pigs during the growing and finishing stages, formulated from a synergistic combination of spices and plant extracts, stimulates the digestive process for an optimal use of the ration.  

Spices are well-known for their health benefits and have been used for ages for their medicinal properties. Their origins and presentation forms are multiple and varied: fruit (peppers, mustard), flowers (saffron, cloves), seeds (coriander, fennel), bulbs (ginger), barks (cinnamon)…
The CCPA Group selected specific spices with complementary positive effects on the pig digestive process and gut integrity (see table below).


Through these active components, the nutritional solution Crea® Advance enables an improved energy and protein digestibility of the feed. As a consequence, the growth performance increases. 

Since its commercial launch, numerous trials in Europe have confirmed the interest of Crea®Advance. Below is a synthesis of field trial results (on 3,500 pigs). Créa® Advance...

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