​making pet food need stainless steel pet food extruder machine

From cereal and candy to pet food and treats, you need a stainless steel pet food extruder,stainless steel pet food extruder machine has simplicity of design, flexibility in application, and ease of operation are the outstanding features,Our food extruder machines continuously maintain precise control of cooking temperatures, pressure, and time. Materials are extruded with consistent form, color, and properties.

1.Pet food extruder equipment Raw materials: All kinds of grains, such as bean, corn, wheat, etc. Some agricultural waste, such as rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds, crop stalks and other plant wastes, especially unformed materials.

2.Pet food shapes/sample As long as you change the extruder mould to get different shapes. like bone, heart, pellet, fish, triangle......

3.Pet food production equipment process flow: Raw material preparation→Mixing...

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Wales Zhao

Wales Zhao

Victor Pellet Mill

Victor Pellet Mill takes machine quality as the most important step. While our company has been devoted to shifting this sense and continuously gain trust of customers. Many of our clients give us two thumbs up when they do feedback to our service center. Our machine quality control starts from the procurement of raw material, then every step of manufacturing is strictly scrutinized by quality engineers. Every production process conforms to the international quality standards and procedures.

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