Maintenance of Rice Mill Machine

Rice mill machine is a special equipment for inspecting the yield of rice, and it is also a necessary brown rice whitening equipment for rice quality inspection. The friction between the sand roller (or iron roller) and the brown rice grains in the grinding cavity of the rice mill machine is used to remove most or all of the chaff. Among them, the emery roller in the rice milling cavity increases the whiteness of the rice, and the iron roller increases the brightness of the rice. By controlling the amount of brown rice and milling time, the brown rice is milled into white rice with different precisions. The rice milling quality of the rice mill machine is closely related to the rice polishing rate.


Preparation Work before Using the Rice Mill
Before using the rice milling machine, you should carefully read the instruction manual to help you use the machine correctly. At the same time, you should pay attention to some details, especially the determination of the milling time, which can help you turn brown rice into white rice with higher quality.
Understand and be familiar with the grinding cavity and grinding wheel. The weight of brown rice in the rice milling process of each rice mill machine is the same, but the time to mill to the same precision is slightly different. Therefore, we have to explore and determine the rice milling time of different grain rice to obtain the best rice milling effect.
Determining the rice milling time: In order to obtain the best rice milling effect, users should determine the milling time of different grains of brown rice several times to find the best rice milling time and amount of brown rice when using the rice mill, reduce the broken rice rate.
Maintenance and Precautions of the Rice Mill Machine
The rotation direction of the grinding wheel is left-handed. Before use, check whether the fastening screws are tightened and there must be no looseness.
When starting to mill rice, start the instrument first. After the grinding wheel is rotated, the brown rice can be added. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt out because of being stuck by the brown rice.
When the timer starts to sound, please immediately pull out the...

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