Magnetic Eyelashes Market size | Value Share, Latest Trend, Key Player Review, Business Prospect and Forecast till 2027

Market Overview

The global Magnetic Eyelashes Market size is projected to be valued at USD 823.99 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 6.38% between 2021 and 2028. Magnetic eyelashes are used to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Magnetic eyelashes are defined as artificial eyelashes, which are worn to define the eyes and to thicken the upper and lower lash line. Magnetic eyelashes can be self-applied. As the name suggests, the lashes contain magnetic elements that help them stick to the natural eyelashes. The product majorly is categorized into two types: strip lashes and individual lashes. Strip lashes are worn directly across the eyelashes, while the individual eyelashes need to be applied separately. Magnetic Eyelashes Market size are available across the globe in a huge variety of designs, colors, lengths, and material type. The growing trend of highlighting the lash line to make it look more defined is one of the major factors influencing the market growth.

Magnetic eyelashes consist of virtually invisible magnets placed along the lash lines that lock together and ensure a natural lash line. Moreover, increasing disposable income among consumers has led to an upsurge in demand for Magnetic Eyelashes Market size. Additionally, Magnetic Eyelashes Market size are extensively used among working women population as it is very convenient to use. Advancement in technology has increased the retail of products through e-commerce. The availability of wide varieties of products as options for the consumers can be seen as a good opportunity to expand the share of the Magnetic Eyelashes Market size through e-commerce or online distribution channels. The global online retail statistics show a tremendous increase in sales through e-commerce in developed countries such as the US, UK, China, Norway, and others. The UK and China are amongst the major countries involved in the sale of Magnetic Eyelashes Market size through e-commerce. The availability of products at discounts is also driving the increased sale of products online.

Key Players

Ardell Lashes & Beauty (US)

Ulta Beauty, Inc. (US)


Arishine Beauty (US)

KISS Products Inc. (US)

Acelashes (US)

Emeda eyelash Company (China)

com (UK)

Vassoul (US)


Market Segmentation:

Strategic Initiative by Market Players: Strategic initiatives such as partnership, expansion, product launches, and research by various market players are anticipated to act as a major opportunity in the global Magnetic Eyelashes Market size. For instance, in June 2020OpulenceMD Beauty, launched magnetic lashes. The lashes are produced from Siberian mink. They are secured to the eyelid with...

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