Lesson THREE: Planning a Feedmill

Lesson THREE: Planning a Feedmill

Depends on your investment and product mix you can consider your feedmill. Either a poultry feedmill for broiler and layer feed or one poultry feedmill and one fish feedmill for sinking feed or both sinking and floating fish feed or one poultry, one fish or one cattle feedmill. It will totally depends on your investment capacity and product mix. It is better you consider one feedmill for one kind of feed so that there is no cross contamination and in future no question about your feed quality and compliance issue.

Now you should have some time to study on technology and process flow engineering with professional people. You can choose pre-grinding or post-grinding system. Both have specific advantages and dis-advantages. Discuss every point with a professional expert and then you decide which is better for you.
In the selection of machine you should consider the following points:
- Reputation of the company
- High performance machines
- Energy savings
- Automation level
- Easy maintenance
- Standards components and avoid proprietary spares parts
- Online and Off-line service facility
- After sales service and support policy and history of the company

Reputation of the company is very important. Please do not consider only a good Brand. Brand is very important but with brand you must consider the other items shows above. During your visit you must discussed with the feedmill managers or technicians about the performance or efficiency of the machines. Now you recall those experience and select which brand you can consider.
Automation level also important pert to consider because availability of good worker is not that easy. Automation can reduce the number of workers in the...

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