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Lesson ONE: Planning a Feedmill

Lesson ONE: Planning a Feedmill

If you are serious about investing in a feedmill, we would request you to kindly take a quick self judgement. Feedmill is a industry related with livestock industry. That means you are going to deal with life. Livestock business is different than any other industry, therefore, you need to make a different planning.
- Market study: Please engage professional company for market study. Once you get the market study in your hand, please go through and then spend some time to visit several feedmills in different area, different company, different capacity.
You will definitely can explore some more information that was not exists in the professional report. It is common. The report was made based on data. Data depends upon many criteria. If it is Primary data, then you will get most of the items in the report. Even though, you will find some new information when visiting different feedmills by yourself.
- Discuss with some feedmill owners and try to find what are the challenges they are facing
- Try to meet total supply chain from raw materials suppliers to farmers and get their idea
- Visit several feedmills in different location, different company and different capacity. While visiting a feedmill please take your time, discuss with feedmill manager,...

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