Lesson FOUR: Planning a Feedmill

Lesson FOUR: Planning a Feedmill

Now you are fully aware about what is a feedmill. What you are planning. What will be your capacity and products mix. You also have decided which machine you will buy. Your land is ready. Now you are in a position to go ahead for your investment for a new feedmill.
Now you need to do the following jobs:

a. Government Permissions:
- Company incorporation and registration
- Trademarks registration
- Brand Name registration
- Preparation of a project proposal (either own investment or bank investment)
- Preparation of a Master Plan of the feedmill
- Application for the investment and permission from Investment Authority of the country
- Trade License/Business License as applicable in your country
- Tax/VAT registration for the company
- Clearance from Local Government
- Clearance from Environment department
- Clearance from Fire Fighting department
- Selection of bank and opening a current bank account for the company

b. MoU or Agreement or Contract Signing with the Main Supplier: Feedmill and confirm the order with TT or LC or any kind of commitment.

c. MoU or Agreement or Contract Signing with the secondary Suppliers: Boiler, Air Compressor, Transformer & Sub-station, Standby Generator (if required), Installation & Fabrication company, Civil foundation and construction, etc. and confirm the orders with TT or LC or any kind of commitments.

d. Start hiring officials/staffs when and where it is required. During this period, you may need to appoint one Project Manager who...

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