Lactose-Free Dairy Products Market Size, Regional Outlook, key Players with increasing Market Demand, forecast

Market Highlights

Lactose intolerance is a major concern for the health and wellness of consumer which is majorly driving the growth of lactose-free dairy products market. Lactose-free dairy products are produced  from animal milk  by removing the milk sugar lactose from them. Few of the symptoms of lactose intolerance are bloating, intestinal gas, diarrhea, and nausea. Lactose intolerant people are highly dependant on lactose-free products since they cannot digest usual diary products thereby missing on essential proteins and minerals. Consumption of milk is essential for human body due to its functional ingredients such as calcium and vitamin d which make bones stronger as well as beneficial for the heart. Manufacturers remove lactose from the milk, but the functional ingredients remain intact and this reason drives the market.  The lactose-free dairy products market is steadily growing since lactose intolerant consumers rely on these products for the benefits of dairy products. Lactose intolerant consumers try to seek the proteins and minerals that is not available to them from conventional dairy products due to their intolerance towards lactose. Manufacturers are building up a stronger and innovative product portfolio by spending more on R&D. The lactose-free dairy products industry has been segmented by type where milk is the dominant type. Milk has been contributing the maximum market share for lactose-free dairy product due to the numerous nutritional benefits present in milk. Conventional category holds for the maximum share in the lactose-free dairy products market size. In terms of packaging type, tubs hold the majority share due to advantages like light weight leading to easy transportation by the manufacturers. The fastest growing packaging type is cartons since it holds for a lot of benefits like longer shelf life, environment friendly, easy transportation, and least possibility of adulteration. The market for lactose-free dairy products is thus gaining huge demand due to improving quality and product variations.

Key Players

Some of the key players in the global lactose-free dairy products market are Green Valley Creamery (U.S.), McNeil Nutritionals, LLC (U.S.), Valio International (Lithuania), Alpro, Ltd. (U.K), Arla Foods (Denmark), DSM N.V....

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