Ketogenic Diet Market Demand Report 2021 – Rapid Growth, Application Scope And Opportunities By 2030

Ketogenic Diet Market -Overview

The ketogenic diet comprises a very low percentage of carbs coupled with a high or sufficient amount of protein to stimulate metabolism. Additionally, compared to artificial means of weight loss such as taking weight loss pills or having a gastrectomy. The keto diet sheds body fat faster and more naturally, with fewer negative effects.

Aggressive innovations and R&D in the keto diet sector present considerable growth opportunities in the international market during the projected period. The huge trend of the meal-in-a-bottle concept also provides the potential for expansion.

Industry Updates:

Feb 2022 A recent study has shown that ketogenic dieting can dramatically improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, adding to the growing body of data that fasting diets can benefit cancer treatment. Using rodent models, the researchers discovered that combining chemotherapy with a ketogenic diet tripled median survival time compared to chemotherapy alone. The new study concentrated on the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet as an addition to existing chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer. According to the project's chief researcher, pancreatic cancer has a low long-term survival rate, so finding any technique to improve current treatments slightly could be advantageous.

Detailed Regional Analysis

The regional examination of the Ketogenic Diet Market includes North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. The North American region accounted for the maximum share in the global market due to the growing awareness for health and fitness and improved personal disposable income in this region, which drives overall growth. The occurrence of major countries, changing lifestyles, and increased knowledge about health and fitness will push market growth in this area. As the speediest region, the Asia-Pacific region owns the third-largest position in the international market. A larger population in this region acts as an incentive for this type of diet. Additionally, a large chunk of the population in this region struggles with obesity, and because the keto diet assists in weight loss and management, there will be more demand in this region throughout the forecasted period. However, during the anticipated period, the rate of growth in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa are minimal. Maintaining a happy lifestyle and a fit body will become highly appealing in South Africa, which stimulates the economy in these regions.

Segmental Analysis ...

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