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Keep your cow’s health in check - Signs of a healthy cow

The cow is alert and aware of its surroundings. It stands squarely on all four feet and holds its head high.
• The cow walks easily and steadily, with all four feet bearing its weight. Its steps are regular.
• The eyes should be bright and alert, with no discharge at the corners.
• The ears should be upright, move to pick up any sound, and flick rapidly to get rid of flies.
• The nose of a healthy cow is clean, with no discharge, and the muzzle is moist. The cow should lick its nose frequently.
• There should be no dribbling saliva. If chewing is slow or incomplete, there could be a problem with the teeth.
• The coat of a healthy cow is smooth and shiny.
• The breathing should be smooth and regular at rest. Activity and hot weather will increase the breathing rate.
• Watery dung (diarrhea) and difficulty in defecating (constipation) are signs of ill health. The urine should be clear...

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Hindhusthaan Cattle Feeds

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