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Innovative layer farm showcase of the future

Innovative layer farm showcase of the future

From dreaming to doing. That’s the vision of Eric Thielen. On his layer farm he built a very innovative new house. Eric is dedicated to provide excellent conditions for his birds, for humans and take care of the environment. Thus, he is producing in a sustainable way.

By Ad Bal

Eric Thielen is an enthusiastic and motivated layer farmer from The Netherlands.  His business is based near the village of Castenray in the south of the country. Here, he is keeping 195.000 white layers.  A new addition to the farm however, is “Lamberdina’s Hoeve” (farm), which is named after his grandmother. Together with his grandfather, they founded the farm a century ago. Nowadays, Eric is the third generation to run the business. He is proud of the innovative vision of his grandparents and parents. That motivated him to proceed and run the farm in an organic and sustainable way.

Wooden pillars visualise the modern architecture under which the house was built

For Eric, entrepreneurship doesn’t feel like just a business or way to make money, he is emotionally attached to the earth, the district and the region.  He strongly believes that if you take good care of the birds, they will be healthy and happy and as a result reward him with satisfying production figures. But he also feels a strong responsibility for the environment and human society. Taking care of mother earth was the main reason to build the farm and thus meet the demands of the future.

The existing houses were installed already with the Bolegg aviary system from Vencomatic. This had been a satisfying system and again with Vencomatic, Eric made a comprehensive plan for the new facility.

Optimum climate
Lamberdina’s farm is impressive. It accommodates 39.500 brown layers. It is a nice, under modern architecture designed house. From a distance you can see the wooden pillars which mark the “winter garden”. Furthermore, the six Eco-Units outside the house are visible.

Six Eco-Units provide an optimum climate inside the house and filter the outgoing air from fine-dust and ammonia

The Eco-Units not only provide an optimum climate for the birds inside the house, but also filter the outgoing air. More specifically: during summertime ingoing warm air is cooled down, but during wintertime it goes the opposite way. As a result the birds feel comfortable, particularly during the night when they clog together at the...

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