Innovations for Piglet Feed Equipment and Process Technology

Process technology is an important means to achieve quality product, save energy and increase efficiency, the basis for enterprises to increase product variety, improve quality and level, accelerate product upgrading and establish differentiated competitive advantage, as well as the technical guarantee to improve economic benefits and brand effect.

ZHENG CHANG has always attached great importance to the R&D and upgrading of process technology and equipment, with 6% of annual sales as scientific research funds. After years of development, ZHENG CHANG has made a series of innovations for piglet feed process technology. According to the needs, ZHENG CHANG can provide customized piglet feed production solutions, and provide consultation, training and service support for customers in the whole plant operation.

01 Innovations for equipment

● ZHENG CHANG introduced an expander from Denmark in 1992, which was used for the expanding pre-treatment of coarse raw materials in the European technology at that time, or placed on pellet mill as a conditioner.

● In 1994, ZHENG CHANG developed the first-generation expander and its process system for piglet feed, which was widely applied to the market.


● Based on the positive feedback from over 100 customers, ZHENG CHANG developed the second-generation expander in 2003, which was used in the piglet feed production line of specialized enterprises such as Kingsino.

● In 2013, ZHENG CHANG developed the third-generation products — ZHENG CHANG Piglet Feed Expander and the process technology, providing high-grade weaned piglet feed and common piglet feed equipment and technology for well-known enterprises like Continental Grain, CHIA TAI CONTI.


● In 2019, ZHENG CHANG successfully developed the fourth-generation products — ZHENG CHANG High-efficiency Expander and process technology, used for all high-grade pig feed production, with viruses like African swine fever totally killed.


02 Innovations for process technologies 

● The first-generation...

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