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injection vial vaccine bottle is taking place of glass vaccine bottles

The veterinary vaccine factory generally use plastic vaccine bottle or glass vaccine bottle to package the vaccine.Like that,the plastic bottle compared with glass bottle,which bottle is more suitable for vaccine bottle,some people think the plastic bottle is better,but the others think the glass is better,every one speak is true,but in recent years,the plastic vaccine bottle is used more and more,the quotient of pharmaceutical market is increasing year by the plastic vaccine bottle has advantages than glass vaccine bottle.But the glass vaccine bottle still has its own advantages,so today i want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the veterinary plastic vaccine bottle and glass vaccine vial,and hope the veterinary vaccine factory choose the vaccine vial according your requirements.


plastic flat bottle for liquid 


  1. advantages of plastic veterinary vaccine vial
  2. disadvantages of plastic veterinary vaccine vial
  3. adventure of glass veterinary vaccine vial
  4. disadvantages of glass veterinary vaccine vial

First,i will introduce the advantages of plastic veterinary vaccine vial.The veterinary vaccine vial is generally made of PE or PP plastic material,so the vaccine bottle has the material's characters.The following is the advantages:

  1. the same size plastic bottle is cheaper than the glass bottle,and the plastic bottle is lighter than glass bottle,so you can easily transfer them
  2. the plastic bottle has better mechanical property,and process properties is good,you can easily made different shape of plastic vaccine bottles
  3. the plastic vaccine vial has better chemical properties,in room temperature,this plastic bottle absorbs water hardly,and do not react with most of chemistry medicine,can store muriatic acid,orthophosphoric acid,sodium hydroxide water solution.
  4. the plastic vaccine vial has better electrical insulating property
  5. the printing effective of this plastic vial is better
  6. barrier property of the plastic vaccine bottle is good

Second,i will introduce the disadvantages of this plastic vial,the following is the disadvantages:

  1. the vaccine bottle is easily destroied by concentrated nitric acid and fuming sulphuric...

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