Ingredient choice for extruded aquatic foods.

The first rule for food extrusion is the definition of ingredients or the formulation of the product to be manufactured. This in itself seems easy, if based only on the animal's nutritional needs, assuming that the needs and requirements have been previously defined. Ingredients in general are selected due to their nutritional value, cost and benefit for the formula to be produced.

Imagine the variety of animals and species grown in the world. Formulating and producing food for this wide variety of animals in a single production unit begins to become interesting. With the use of extruders, the production of animal feed, based on their feeding style, has been well defined, respecting the necessary food requirements.


Preparing the ingredients to be cooked and formatted in an fish feed extruder requires, in addition to proper grinding, the correct choice of ingredients. During production, although the formulation meets nutritional needs, the final product may not happen as planned. Learning how to use the fish feed pellet machine to make fish feed has greatly increased. To better discuss this subject, let's talk a little about how the ingredients used in the formulation work during the extrusion process.

What are the major components in the formulation of aquatic foods? In general, they are: water, starches, fibers, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Let's review this a little bit better. Water is necessary, because it is present in each ingredient at different levels. Adding water is a way to help the extrusion process for a number of reasons, but the first is due to the effect of water on cooking. Water is the means by which heat transfer occurs. As an example we can use rice cooking, without adding water we cannot cook it. What moves the heat through the meat when it is cooked or fried? Approximately 65% of water, which is inside the meat. The main effect of starch on aquatic feed is its function of making connections. Starch works like cement when making concrete.

It is the bonding and molding agent. The other ingredients basically carry the nutritional values of aquatic foods, while starch plays the role of cement, making them stick together. Fiber is also an element that appears in all foods. In the...

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