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Industry Animal Feed Pellet Plant

Industry Animal Feed Pellet Plant

Industry Animal Feed Pellet Plant
3-5T/H feed pellet plant is very suitable for a industrial feed pellet manfuacturer. This plant is equipped with the ring die SZLH350 ring die feed pellet machine. The maximum capacity of the SZLH350 is 8T/H. This production line can process materials of corn, soybean, wheat and other cereals into pellets for chicken and cow. 
3-5T Animal Feed Pellet Plant Features
1. The feed pellet production line has a small footprint and a high degree of automation.
2. It produces smooth and hard particles suitable for a variety of animals.
3. The pellets are very nutritious and can meet the growth needs of animals.
4. This production line is widely used in medium and large feed plants.
5. The raw materials may be various cereals such as corn, barley, wheat and soybeans, and crude fibers such as cotton stalks, corn fiber, grass and the like.
3-5T Animal Feed Pellet Plant Flow Chart
1. Raw material receiving and cleaning process
This process is used to clean and organize large pieces such as corn stover, stones, rope heads, branches, corn cobs and mud, small pieces such as sand and withered grains. When the raw material is a powder, a tapered powder sieve is used to clean the debris in the powder.

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