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Improve The Mixing Quality Of The Feed Mixer

The determination of mixing time is very important for mixing quality, it depends on the mixing speed of the feed mixer. In addition to mixing time, the following conditions are equally important.



Determination Of The Mixing Time

If the mixing time is too short, the material will not fully mix in the mixer and will discharge, and the mixing quality will not guarantee. If the mixing time is too long, the material over-mixed in the mixer to cause separation, which also affects the quality and increases the energy consumption. The determination of the mixing time depends on the mixing speed of the mixer, which is mainly determined by the model of the mixer. Such as horizontal ribbon mixer, usually 3 to 5 minutes per batch, the mixing time depends on the type and nature of the raw materials, such as moisture content, particle size, fat content.


Suitable Input Of The Feed Mixing Machine

Regardless of the type of mixer, a suitable input is a prerequisite for the mixer to function properly and to achieve the desired results. If there is too much input, on the one hand, the mixer will overload. On the other hand, too much input will affect the mixing process of the materials in the machine, which will cause the mixing quality to drop. If the input is too small, the efficiency of the mixer will not fully utilize and the quality of the mixture will also affect.

Therefore, no matter which type of mixer, the loading degree of the material should effectively control. So as to ensure the normal operation of the mixer and make the mixed feed meet the quality requirements.

Try To Avoid Separation Of The Feed Mixing Machine

Any powder with good fluidity has a tendency to separate.

There are three reasons for separation:

1. When the material falls on a pile, the larger particles fall to the pile due to the large inertia, and the small particles with less inertia...

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