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How To Raise Tilapia Fish Feed Machine On Sale

Tilapia is a freshwater fish that is now selling well. It is also very simple in the usual breeding. As long as the fish feed pellets feeding regularly and quantitatively every day, change the water in time. The fish feed machine is the main equipment to make fish feed pellets. This article will introduce how to raise tilapia in detail.


Basic Conditions Of The Pond

Choose a place with good water source, freshwater, no industrial pollution, good soil quality, and convenient transportation. The bottom of the pool is flat, the pond base is strong, the water retention performance is good, and there is no high damper in the surrounding air. After nuisance treatment, it should be properly placed at the appropriate time.


The Selection Of Pond Fish Farming

1. The choice of fish. Choose childhood tilapia with a smooth surface, no damage, good health, full-body, neat specifications, high male rate, size of about 5 cm. After 5% salt solution or 5-10 mg/L potassium permanganate solution dipping, put it in the fish pond.

2. Stocking density. After the pond water has been tested to be non-toxic, the tilapia fry is placed on the principle of 1 tail/m³ of water. The pond of the main tilapia can increase the income of the breeding by matching other fish. In addition to herring, and grass carp, such as carp and catfish can also be properly mixed.


Feeding management Of Tilapia

1. Equipped with aeration facilities. In order to ensure high-density culture conditions, the cultured tilapia does not appear to float. Ensure high yield and stability.

2. Feeding. In the process of breeding, in order to save costs, also in line with the principle of pollution-free. Before the tilapia reaches 150g, the use of fertilizer water culture, relying on animal manure fertilizer ponds to cultivate biological feed fish. In general, fertilize once a week. After 2 to 3 months, when the tilapia raised reaches the specification of 250 g/tail. It enters the medium-term breeding, changes the breeding method, and puts the tilapia feed culture. At this time, many farmers are feeding the fish feed pellets. As long as the fish can feed, on the principle of not wasting the feed, how much the fish can feed, the tilapia grows faster, about 7-8 months can be raised to 1 kg/tail or more. In the middle and late stages. It is necessary to keep the water fresh and ensure that the fish have a good appetite to achieve rapid growth.

3. Choose a good feed. Scientific feeding, when selected fish feed pellets, fishermen should choose regular manufacturers to produce quality-assured feed. Fish feed pellets can be made using a fish feed extruder if conditions permit. A small amount of meals helps to promote the digestion and absorption of fish, and 70% of the fish feed pellets are fed during the highest oxygen in the pond during the day. Which is beneficial to digestion and absorption, increase feed conversion rate and reduce feed cost.


Water Quality Management

Maintaining good water quality can stimulate the appetite of tilapia, reduce the feed coefficient, and increase the growth rate of fish. In the early stage of breeding, in order to save costs,...

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