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How To Raise Crucian Carp

Fusmar Machinery is a professional fish feed machine manufacturer, this article we will introduce crucian carp cultivation in detail. Crucian carp is a kind of fish we often eat, its meat is delicate, contains a lot of protein, fat, vitamins and other nutrients are very rich, in addition, crucian carp medicinal value is very high. Crucian carp per 100 grams, protein content up to 20 grams, second only to shrimp, and easy to digest and absorb, often eat can enhance resistance. In the cold winter, carp taste especially delicious.


Crucian Carp Feed Choice

At present, the feed for crucian carp in the market is mostly made of bean cakes and corn flour. Its deficiency is lack of plenty of green herbs or leaves in the feed. Especially in winter, due to slow growth of herbaceous plants, the green herbaceous plants needed by crucian carp cannot be normally supplied, and there are no green herbaceous plants or leaves in the feed, resulting in uneven nutrition and delayed adult stage of crucian carp, and its meat is not delicious. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery manufacture of floating fish feed machine can solve this technical problem.


Most fish feeds are floating or slow sinking feeds, which are made by extrusion technology. The extrusion process is the same as pelletizing. The mixed raw materials from the stock bin are in the floating fish feed machine, and the suitable processing conditions are created with the suitable machine boring, screw and shearing lock configuration to make fish feed. After the material is extruded into a certain shape and cut into a certain size, it is sent to the drying or cooling machine for drying and cooling.

The Cultivation Of Crucian Carp

The pond, seedling density, water quality, feed and so on have a comprehensive and effective management method to raise crucian carp. There is a saying in crop farming that "a year's plan starts with spring". The same is true for crucian carp. Crucian carp has always been popular with everyone and has very good market value. In recent years, the area and production of crucian carp have been continuously expanded. There is a lot to know about the cultivation of crucian carp.

1. Select the pond. Select the pond and conduct the fertilization treatment before the fish fry go down to the pond. The area of the fry pond had better be in 3 mu to 5 mu, the area of the big fish pond had better be 10 mu. And to reach a depth of two to two and a half meters, the water must be plentiful, free of pollution, and convenient for irrigation and drainage.

2. Fertilization. Fish breeding also requires fertilization, which is done seven days before the fry or the fish are planted in the...

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